Practice Benefits

  • Provider paid in 10 bus days
  • Funding from $1,000 to $5,000
  • No Credit Check
  • Immediate approvals
  • No paper work to fax or mail
  • No billing or collection hassles

Patient Benefits

  • No Credit Check
  • Get the care they need when they need it
  • Better healthcare outcomes
  • Payments in amounts they can afford
  • No retroactive or punitive interest


Today, with or without insurance, most dental patients are required to pay for most, if not all, of their dental care, which is having a dramatic impact on practice revenue and the dental health of our community.More Often, it is not the total treatment fee that concerns the patient, but how to fit the costs into their budget. With ClearGage you can break down the total cost of care into affordable payments, made over time, which fit within the patient's budget. And, with ClearGage you have a choice. You can be paid up-front with our prefunded finance program, or collect your money over time. To learn more on these two options and be sure to visit our patient finance section of this web site.

Increase case acceptance, and watch practice revenue soar

How many of us have an extra $1,500 to $2,500 to spend on "unexpected dental healthcare costs"? The answer is, not many.More To stop the revolving door of patients coming in but leaving without receiving the optimal treatment plan you must introduce your patients to meaningful Patient finance solutions that answer their question of "how am I going to afford this care?" The problem with traditional dental finance programs is they require a credit check and in today's economy most patients are reluctant to have a credit check or won't qualify. ClearGage offers you and your patients real, meaningful solutions. We provide financing to patients who have a valid driver's license, two forms of payment and fund procedures ranging from $1,000 to $5,000.

Numerous promotional options to offer your patients

With ClearGage, you determine which promotions best fit your practice and your patients. You control the financing options you offer patients and you control how and when you get paid.More You determine the down payment requirement, plan duration or term, plan set up fee and percentage service fee that each patient pays. You can opt to receive payment upfront, or you can collect your money over time and build a recurring revenue stream. To view sample prefunding promotions (where you get your money upfront) and their impact on your practice and your patients, see our Prefunding Calculator.

We provide a Care Plan Calculator

You can create customizable care plan templates, based on your fee schedule, that will quickly and easily present your patients with an easy to read document showing the procedures you recommendMore, the units and the cost of each, and the total expected treatment cost. Presenting your care plan with several payment options gives your patients more opportunities to say "Yes!" Click here to view a sample patient estimate with care plan payment options.

Generate a binding payment agreement and automate patient payments

The ClearGage Payment Accelerator™ generates a customized, binding payment agreement outlining the terms of service and the patient payment obligations.More The payment agreement is signed by you and your patient. It provides an explanation of the refund or cancellation policy and informs the patient that they are obligated to pay for any products or services received. The patient's payment information is safely and securely stored in the Payment Accelerator in a PCI compliant manner. We accept all major credit cards and payments from any checking or savings account and automate payments – No need to store and remember to charge a person's credit card and no postdated checks! Capturing two forms of payment ensures that, should one account decline, a backup account is on file and can be charged. Click here to see a sample payment agreement.

Billing and Collections Support

ClearGage clients realize the added benefit of billing and administrative services at no additional cost to the practice.More Let's face it, in most instances you and your staff are "nurturers" and do not have the disposition or the time to diligently manage any declines, rejects, requests for changes, and cancellations that may occur in patient payments. ClearGage does it for you. Click here to learn more on our billing and administrative services.