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Getting Started

When you have identified the ClearGage modules and solutions that best meet the needs of your business, you will execute and return the ClearGage consolidated application. Upon receipt of this application and any requested supporting documents, we coordinate the generation of the merchant applications for you to execute and return. The fees stated in the merchant applications are principally a restatement of fees indicated in the ClearGage consolidated application. Upon receipt of the executed merchant applications, we submit your file to underwriting for approval. Upon underwriting approval, your account moves to our implementations department. This process usual takes 1-2 business days; however it is wholly dependent upon your timely response and the accuracy of all submitted documents.


Your assigned implementations specialist will contact you to review your module selection(s) and discuss the goals of your business. This may include review of office policies and any staff roles that may be impacted. ClearGage will utilize this information to customize the application. We will provide you with a detailed project plan and review the timeline required for you to you "go live".

Staff Training

Your training is customized utilizing the information gathered in the implementation stage. Training is provided online and includes on-line tutorials accessed directly through the resource center in the Payment Accelerator™. We routinely schedule live seminars throughout the month for new staff or staff in need of "refresher" training.

Customer Support

ClearGage account management and customer service team members are available to you from Monday to Friday from 8:30AM to 5:00PM EST. Upon completion of your implementation and training you will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager. Your Account Manager will be in regular contact with your staff to ensure all of your needs are met and to help your staff meet the goals you have established.

Billing and Administrative Services

We make available to you and your patients, a dedicated staff of seasoned billing professionals to ensure you get paid. Studies show that patients are more compliant with their payments when dealing with a professional financial services company. At ClearGage we collect over 95% of all monies owed to you.