Practice Benefits

  • Collect over 95% of your money
  • Reduced Administrative Costs
  • Focus on Patient Care, not on billing issues
  • Fees paid by Patient

What Clients Are Saying

  • "We used to do our own in-house financing but it became too time consuming and my staff found it difficult to ask for payment. With ClearGage, I can leave the burden of billing to the experts."
    — John E, DVM, Austin TX

Patient Benefits

  • Courteous billing staff
  • Flexible payment schedules
  • Email/Text Notifications

What Patients Are Saying

  • "I needed to reschedule a payment due to some unexpected expenses and I called Gary (ClearGage) and he changed my payment due date with no problem. Thanks Gary"
    — Chris M, Patient, Des Moines, IA

Promises Made Clear, Payments Made Quick™

Billing and Administration

Our billing and administrative services include:

  • Help desk support for staff and patients
  • Processing staff and patient inquiries related to payments/balances
  • Payment guidelines, policies, procedures and performance measurement tools
  • Manage declined, rejected and late payments through comprehensive communications (via phone, e mail, text and letters)

Hard Collection Agency1 Support and Integration

ClearGage will assist you with management of defaulted accounts. A defaulted account is any patient account which is sixty (60) days past due. Our services related to defaulted accounts include:

  • Notices to patients that their account is in default
  • With your approval, refer defaulted account to our integrated licensed collection agency partner or
  • Transferring the account back to you for further disposition


1ClearGage is not a licensed collection agency and cannot engage in the business of debt collection and therefore ClearGage's activities respecting Defaulted Accounts may be limited by applicable law.