Can Dental Financing Help Your Practice Increase Revenue?

Can Dental Financing Help Your Practice Increase Revenue?

What are the advantages of offering dental financing?

In the past decade, healthcare affordability has become a burden for most American families. Managing dental financing, in particular, can translate into serious complications for any family working within a budget.

Lack of Dental Financing Leaves Patients’ Dental Health to Worsen Before Seeking Treatment

Maintaining regular dental exams and good oral hygiene can prevent most dental complications, but dental health has increasingly become an optional care expense that most Americans don’t see as a priority.

According to a recent study, over 60 percent of Americans polled had not visited the dentist in a year or longer. In that same study, 59 percent of people say that cost is a determining factor in not visiting their dental professional more often. Getting patients into the dental chair is only the beginning for dental professionals.

Patients have begun to selectively choose which medical advice they will follow based on the costs of these treatments, not their needs. Preventative procedures recommended by a dentist are often considered optional by patients, and by voluntarily skipping minor procedures, smaller issues can balloon into more serious and costly procedures that can leave patients with an even larger dental bill.

This issue may stem from a lack of trust in dental practices and a general suspicion regarding the need for dental procedures, or a lack of understanding of the big picture when it comes to their dental health.

How can this conversation transition into a place where patients can comfortably and confidently get the care that they need?

Dental Financing Gives Patients the Capital for Necessary Procedures

Patients can often feel trapped by their financial shortcomings, especially if they can’t afford dental procedures. By rectifying and alleviating this, your dental practice can encourage more of your patients to get the procedures that they need when they need them. Treating patients early can greatly affect their dental health and their ability to receive a favorable outcome at a dental practice. Working with patients to ensure their ability to afford procedures builds trust between you and your patient.

Once patients are able to feel comfortable about their financial options, they will be more likely to agree to procedures that are necessary and recommended by their dentist. This revenue will boost your practice’s capital as a new revenue source, while also ensuring that patients are getting the treatment that they want and need. What’s more, the procedures will likely prevent more invasive and expensive care down the road and you’ll build a long-term, trusting relationship with your patient.

Improving Your Practice with Dental Financing

Providing a dental financing option at a dental practice will increase patient satisfaction and increase overall revenue. There are many dental financing options to choose from, but ClearGage offers one of the most beneficial for both your practice and your patients.

ClearGage is committed to providing healthcare financing to any and all patients, regardless of their creditworthiness. Our goal is to provide patients with payment options for the care that they need and to get dental practices the revenue necessary to provide that care. By offering efficient and customizable payment plans, such as dental self-pay options, your patients will get the financial options they need and you’ll get the dental financing programs to serve your practice.

Choosing ClearGage for dental financing will get your patients the funds that they need to get healthy and stay healthy.

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