How to Increase Revenue in Your Veterinary Practice

How to Increase Revenue in Your Veterinary Practice

Animals were traditionally defined as property, but more owners now see their pet as a family member, which means they expect the best possible care for their companion. Even though your veterinary office exists to help pet owners and their pets, your ability to continue helping both depends on how much revenue your practice is generating. 

So while the health of your clients’ pets is always top-of-mind, the health of your practice is not to be neglected. Here are three ways that you can increase revenue in your veterinary office, while maintaining a productive relationship with your both clients and their pets. 

Increase Revenue in Your Veterinary Office by Increasing Traffic

The most straightforward way to increase revenue in a veterinary office is to increase traffic. This may sound obvious, but not everyone has a prime location on a major street with people standing on the corners shouting your name. Unfortunately, brick-and-mortar businesses of any kind can no longer rely on a physical location to provide them with new business. It’s now all about digital location.

Most people looking for veterinary care are going to conduct research online before deciding on a provider. Of course, it is always possible, and beneficial, to generate new business through word of mouth, but if your practice doesn’t have an online presence, you’re undoubtedly missing out on a considerable amount of opportunity.

So, how do you get established online? If you haven’t already, need to create a Google My Business (GMB) profile. As a small, local business, it’s important that you have both a website and a GMB profile in order to start ranking for local searches.

In other words, when someone in your area runs a Google search for “veterinarian near me,” you want to be one of the first results to show up. In order to improve your likelihood of being found in a search, be sure to keep your GMB up-to-date with fresh photos so Google knows you’re active.

Check your profile regularly to ensure accuracy, because profile info can be edited by anyone. Have profiles on Yelp, Bing Places, Facebook, Foursquare, and any other relevant online business directories. It also helps to contribute consistently to your social media platforms of choice and ask satisfied clients for online reviews. This is where your word-of-mouth will really shine. 

Building an online presence through directories, social media, and reviews doesn’t just help new clients find you. It also sends signals to Google that you’re a relevant business, which bumps you up in the rankings. This is important because creating an online presence is one of the most effective ways to increase revenue in your veterinary office.

Increase Revenue in Your Veterinary Office with Payment Processing Options

These days, all consumers like having the world at their fingertips. It’s how the majority of your clients find you online. It’s also why clients are gravitating toward payment processing options that are fast and convenient. We’ve been conditioned by online retailers, like Amazon, to expect ease an immediacy when it comes to making payments. This expectation has seeped into healthcare, too, as indicated by the rise of healthcare consumerism.

Offering a variety of payment processing options allows clients to pay in the manner most comfortable to them. As a result, you’ll not only attract and retain more clients, but you’ll significantly reduce any delayed or unpaid balances.

Increase revenue in your veterinary office by offering payment processing options such as:

  • Mobile pay
  • Interactive voice response service
  • An online portal
  • Auto pay for regular clients

Not only will offering payment options improve your bottom line, but it’s also proven to increase client satisfaction.

Increase Revenue in Your Veterinary Office with Financing Options

Though clients can purchase veterinary insurance, they are limited in what they offer, and if a pet has certain illnesses, they are not guaranteed to be covered. If a pet needs certain medications, it can become an even bigger point of contention between you and your clients. 

Offering client financing is a way to meet clients where they are. By tailoring a solution to fit their budget, they can afford the care and medications their pets need, and your practice can receive the revenue it requires to operate at its best.

Not only does financing ensure that clients can always afford treatment for their pets, but it also makes them trust in and feel welcomed by your practice. 

You’ve made both client and pet comfortable in your space while accommodating their finances–a dynamic that’s sure to not just bring you more clients, but also help you retain those already in your care.

Payment processing and financing can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. ClearGage specializes in the tools needed to develop a financing program that benefits your clients and practice alike. Discover how ClearGage systems can delight your clients (and their pets) and improve your bottom line when you schedule a demo with us today.