Why Your Veterinary Practice Needs Patient Engagement

Why Your Veterinary Practice Needs Patient Engagement

Running a veterinary practice isn’t easy if your practice isn’t leveraging patient engagement. To improve your practice, it’s important to understand that patient engagement extends well-past the animal that you are treating.

What is Patient Engagement?

Patients want to be engaged in their healthcare decision-making processes, and, as a result, those who are more involved in the process surrounding their care tend to be healthier and have better outcomes. The same goes for pets! Did you know that in 2011,  six-out-of-ten pet owners considered their pets to be family members?

Implementing a patient engagement strategy creates a stronger relationship between the patients and the provider. Although your client’s pet is technically the patient, building a relationship with your client will lead to better health for their pet, ensure patient engagement, and keep them coming back.

How Patient Engagement Can Improve Your Veterinary Clinic

Since animals can only speak in movies, owners need to be advocates for their pets.  However, they may need assistance in knowing how to be attentive to their pet’s needs. Increasing the interaction that you have with an owner can improve the animal’s health and help clients spot any issues before they become any worse. Ensuring engagement by turning your clients into advocates for their animals will not only provide healthier pets but will keep customers happier as well!

Open A Dialogue with Clients

Always make the next appointment before a client leaves. Making appointments for regular checkups will encourage patient engagement and enable clients to set time aside in their schedules to maintain their pet’s health. Practices can also use an automated system to create reminders that can increase patient engagement and personally reach out to confirm the well-being of pets.

Keeping in contact with clients will allow closer monitoring of any symptom changes and help determine if a difference in treatment is necessary. Keeping a schedule and setting reminders will not only keep pets healthy but also keeps clients regularly engaged with your practice, in addition to creating an increased revenue stream.

Build Client Retention

People have a choice when it comes to where they decide to take their pet for care. Building a relationship with your client will make them more willing to come back to your practice when they feel their pet is unwell. Staff creating a bond with clients improves client retention dramatically. In addition to seeking attention for their pets early, clients are also likely to suggest a provider’s services to friends and family in search of a veterinarian.

Well-Trained Staff

If your clinic does not have a properly trained staff that is able to engage both clients and their pets adequately, your practice will be unable to facilitate patient engagement. A disorganized staff can lead to client dissatisfaction. Clients should never walk away with any confusion surrounding the health of their pets. Training staff to precisely address the needs of clients will increase patient satisfaction and present an organized practice.

To run a successful practice, you and your client must advocate for their pet’s health. Patient engagement is a great solution to improve your practice, boost your participation in maintaining pet health, and ensure that advocacy is made simple.

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