Provide Financing Options Where You Control The Approval Rate

  • Increase your customer conversion rate to accelerate sales growth.
  • Drive down customer acquisition costs to increase profits.
  • Provide a superior and frictionless customer financing experience to improve satisfaction.
  • Make smarter business decisions by gaining insight into customer payment behavior.

Empower Your Customers to Get the Care They Need and Want

Grow your business and captivate your customers by making your products and services more affordable with our easy, fast and inclusive consumer lending platform. Our mobile-friendly technology is easy to use allowing you to determine and then present payment options that fit your business and the needs of your customer. In seconds, we turn prospects into customers.


How It Works

Deliver payment plans that are fast, flexible, and simple so your customers can get the products and services that they need and want.

Integrate with your existing website and most third-party commercial shopping carts. Create a fully customizable and branded financial experience allowing your customer self-service capabilities to purchase your product and service when it’s convenient for them.

Leverage ClearGage’s customer billing and support services team to accept payments on your behalf, update expired cards, and act as an extension of your organization.

Who We Partner With

We partner with healthcare providers and manufacturers that offer products and services typically requiring financing options. ClearGage makes it possible for you to offer your own customized payment solutions that improve your customer experience and accelerate your sales cycle.


Merchant Benefits

Increase Cash Flow

Receive funding faster while your customers enjoy the convenience of paying in affordable monthly payments that fit their lifestyle and budget.

Broaden Your Market

Patient financing where you can decide to approve everyone including customers with subprime credit that may otherwise be denied by most third-party financing companies or would never even apply.

Convert More Customers

Nearly one in five consumers have no credit history and 51% have subprime credit scores. Expand your potential customer base by offering patient-friendly payment plans.

Source: Brevoort et al. (2016); CFED Assets & Opportunity Scorecard (2016)

Create a Seamless Customer Financing Experience

ClearGage’s platform allows you to customize the payment options that you present to your customers. We make it possible for you to advertise a stress-free and flexible financing solution that will help to increase your customer conversion.

“ClearGage makes it easy to track our patient accounts, and with our combined diligence, we have seen a decrease in delinquent accounts. Additionally, and most importantly, we have experienced an increase in the eligibility of our clients to be funded. We look forward to many more profitable years with ClearGage!”

Alice Wunderlin


“We implemented ClearGage into our practice and have seen a dramatic increase in the number of clients we could accept into our practice. No longer do we have people walking out the door due to not being able to afford our services.  Because of ClearGage, we are now able to change more lives!”

Functional Nutrition Resources

“Our office started using ClearGage in 2018 and it was one of the best decisions that we made. Our patients are happy with the affordable financing options and the flexible month payments. We love the staff and the rapid response we get when we call customer support.”

Gina Richards

Linkston T Cryer DDS

Grow Your Business by Maximizing Your Revenue

  • Maintain contact with customers through automated email and text messaging.
  • Our platform allows you to offer a flexible, no-pressure financing plan.
  • Allow customers to select a personalized financing plan that is customized to fit their budget.
  • Increase customer conversion by choosing to approve everyone.