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How To Increase Revenue In Your Dental Practice With ClearGage Patient Financing?

It’s no secret, it is getting harder for your dental patients to pay for the care they need or want. The #1 thing you can do to increase patient satisfaction, improve patient financing solutions, and increase dental case acceptance. You must offer patient payment plansClearGage offers patient financing plans to meet these needs.

  • 100% of patients qualify
  • Receive payment upfront or collect your money over time
  • Increase your practice revenue by charging interest or offer 0% financing
  • No prepayment penalties or punitive retroactive interest
  • Billing and administrative support provided by ClearGage
  • Treatment plan compliance and practice revenue

Today, with or without insurance, most dental patients are required to pay for most, if not all, of their dental care. Often, it is not the total treatment fee that concerns the patient, but how to fit the costs into their budget. This is having a dramatic impact on dental practice revenue.

With ClearGage Dental Patient Financing Solutions, you can break down the total cost of care into affordable payments, made over time, which fit within the patient’s budget. And, with ClearGage you have a choice. You can be paid up-front and with more flexibility. ClearGage allows your practice to offer patient financing options which fit within the patient’s budget while you get paid up-front and improve revenue for your dental practice

Billing and Collections Support
ClearGage clients realize the added benefit of billing and administrative services at no additional cost to the practice.

Let’s face it, in most instances you and your staff are “nurturers” and do not have the disposition or the time to diligently manage any declines, rejects, requests for changes, and cancellations that may occur in patient payments. ClearGage Patient Financing does it for you. Learn more about our billing and administrative services.

We provide a Care Plan Calculator
You can create customizable care plan templates, based on your fee schedule, that will quickly and easily present your patients with an easy-to-read document showing the dental treatment payment plans and procedures you recommend, the units and the cost of each, and the total expected dental treatment cost.

Presenting your care plan with several dental payment options gives your patients more opportunities to say “Yes!” to your recommended care plan with no more immediate out of pocket costs. View a sample patient estimate with ClearGage Patient Financing care plan payment options.