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  • ClearGage provides an all-in-one solution improving how your clients collect on patient payment responsibilities.
  • We offer a flexible and patient-friendly payment platform to handle out-of-pocket expenses with less stress.
  • We empower your clients to provide services to more patients with a platform to determine their own approval rates.
  • We provide partners with customized solutions to improve patient payment strategies and increase patient access to the medical care they need most.

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Automate Payments to Improve Engagement and Cash Flow


ClearGage offers a complete solution designed to improve your client’s patient revenue cycle experience and rapidly accelerate cash flow.

Flexible and Patient-Friendly Platform

Provide clients with the tools required to help patients pay out-of-pocket expenses.

Open the Door to More Patients

Give your clients the ability to open the door to more patients with a platform where they can decide to approve everyone.

Improve Patient Collection Strategies

Help your clients get rid of worries about cash flow with tools to improve the speed of patient payments.