Apr 21, 2022

ClearGage announces launch of new brand identity

ClearGage has announced the launch of its new brand campaign, including a new identity, reflecting the company’s transformation over the last 2 years and a renewed focus on its comprehensive financial technology platform across three major pillars: treatment estimation, patient financing and payment solutions. The new look and feel represents ClearGage’s commitment to innovation and the company’s role in making healthcare more transparent and affordable for all.

Founded in 2009, ClearGage has a thirteen-year track record of innovation in healthcare financial technology. The company’s early offering was primarily focused on a transparent financial experience for patients and featured a suite of treatment estimation and payments technology solutions. As the company and market evolved, the focus shifted to solutions such as online payments, accounts receivable factoring and automatic invoice payments. In early 2020, at the onset of the pandemic, the focal point became patient financing, and the company launched the ClearGage Financing solution in 2021. ClearGage Financing has significantly strengthened the ClearGage platform offering and value proposition, delivering up to 100% approval rates and an all-digital patient experience. The ClearGage platform now enables providers to deliver a seamless, digital financial experience throughout early patient engagement, conversion and collections.

“We’re excited to unveil our new brand identity and strategy as we continue to advance the ClearGage platform,” said Derek Barclay, CEO of ClearGage. “We believe that all patients deserve a transparent financial experience that they can afford, and our new identity will enable us to further transform the healthcare industry with an innovative suite of solutions designed with both the provider and patient in mind.”

With the launch of the new ClearGage brand identity, the company has unveiled a new logo, brand architecture, color palette, typography, mission statement, and website. In addition, the company will be promoting its newest patient financing solution under the ClearGage Financing brand.

“While ClearGage has transformed dramatically over the last two years, perceptions of the company have not evolved at the same pace,” said Ryan Coyne, VP of Customer Experience. “The rebranding marks a new ClearGage, both inside and out, and showcases our renewed mission in delivering a transparent, affordable financial experience for patients everywhere.”

The company invites everyone to check out the new ClearGage corporate website at: www.cleargage.com


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