Nov 06, 2023

ClearGage and DoctorConnect Partner to Enhance Patient Engagement in Healthcare

Tampa, FL – November 1, 2023 – ClearGage, a leading provider of Treatment Estimate and patient eligibility technology, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with DoctorConnect, a prominent patient engagement software company. This collaboration will modernize the patient experience, placing transparency and informed decisions at the forefront.
The integration of ClearGage’s technology with DoctorConnect’s patient engagement software aims to enhance patient awareness of financial responsibility and streamlined administrative processes for the practice. This partnership will enable patients to access accurate cost estimates for their treatment plans through the DoctorConnect platform, leading to increased treatment acceptance and propensity to pay patient financial responsibility.
Micah Shawn, Vice President of Sales at ClearGage, expressed his enthusiasm about this partnership, saying, “We are excited to leverage the combined technologies of DoctorConnect and ClearGage to give practices more tools that empower patients with the information they need to make informed healthcare decisions. Together we create better financial outcomes for practices and their patients.”
This collaboration is expected to have a positive impact on the healthcare landscape, providing patients with a holistic and seamless experience from treatment estimation to post-treatment follow-up. ClearGage and DoctorConnect’s technologies working together will offer patients a more convenient and transparent healthcare journey.
Both companies are committed to maintaining the highest standards of data security and patient privacy. This collaboration will ensure that patient data remains protected and compliant with all relevant regulations, including HIPAA and PCI.
About ClearGage:
ClearGage is a leading provider of healthcare technology solutions designed to simplify the financial aspects of patient care. ClearGage’s Treatment Estimate and patient eligibility technology empowers healthcare providers to offer accurate cost estimates to patients, facilitating informed decision-making and improved patient outcomes.
About DoctorConnect:
DoctorConnect is a patient engagement software company dedicated to improving the healthcare experience for patients and healthcare providers. Their platform offers a range of features, including appointment reminders, feedback collection, and a patient portal, all designed to streamline communication and enhance the patient journey.

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