Nov 06, 2023

ClearGage Integrates Payment Technology into AdvancedMD, Modernizing the Healthcare Financial Experience

[Tampa, FL – November 1, 2023] — ClearGage, a leading provider of innovative healthcare payment solutions, is thrilled to announce a new integration with AdvancedMD, a premier medical practice management and EHR software company. This integration represents a significant milestone in the healthcare industry, as it combines ClearGage’s modern payment technology with AdvancedMD’s comprehensive platform to provide healthcare providers with advanced ways to accept and automate payments throughout the patient journey.
ClearGage’s payment technology is designed to simplify the financial aspects of healthcare, offering patients and providers an intuitive and secure payment experience. With the integration into AdvancedMD, healthcare providers can now access ClearGage’s robust payment features directly from their AdvancedMD platform.

Key benefits of this integration include:

Streamlined Payment Processing: Healthcare providers can now accept patient payments effortlessly, directly within the AdvancedMD system, saving time and reducing administrative overhead.
Enhanced Patient Experience: Patients will appreciate a more convenient and secure payment process, enabling them to easily and confidently settle their bills using their preferred payment methods, including ACH, debit, credit, and health savings accounts such as HSA, FSA, and HRA.
Text and Email Communications: Providers have the ability to tailor patient digital communication by utilizing automated messaging schedules or sending individual on-demand messages, allowing patients to access information about their out-of-pocket costs and apply payments.
Digital-first Payments: Providers have the flexibility to set up online payment choices to align with patient preferences. These options may include pre-authorized payment agreements to automate post-claim adjudication payments or in-house payment plans with the possibility of interest, service fees and discounted rates.
Regulatory Compliance: ClearGage ensures that all payment transactions remain compliant with healthcare industry regulations, including HIPAA and PCI.
ClearGage’s integration with AdvancedMD signifies a commitment to advancing the patient payment experience and simplifying financial operations for healthcare providers. This collaboration aims to empower healthcare professionals with the tools they need to deliver exceptional patient care while efficiently managing the financial aspect of their practice.
Micah Shawn, Vice President of Sales at ClearGage, expressed his enthusiasm for the integration, stating, “We are excited to partner with AdvancedMD to provide healthcare providers with a comprehensive and patient preferred solution. This integration will not only streamline financial operations, it also enhances the overall patient experience. As a result, mutual AdvancedMD and ClearGage clients will increase office efficiency and financial outcomes.”
Integrating ClearGage’s payment technology into AdvancedMD is expected to drive significant improvements in healthcare financial management and patient satisfaction. It marks a transformative step toward creating a more efficient and patient-centric financial experience.
About ClearGage: ClearGage is a leading provider of healthcare payment solutions designed to simplify the financial aspects of patient care. ClearGage’s leading-edge technology empowers healthcare providers to offer patients a secure and efficient payment experience, improving patient satisfaction and operational efficiency.
About AdvancedMD: AdvancedMD is a premier medical practice management and EHR software company, dedicated to helping healthcare professionals streamline their operations and enhance patient care. The platform offers a range of features, from scheduling to billing, to provide comprehensive practice management solutions.

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