Mar 12, 2018

PayDC Chiropractic EHR partners with ClearGage, LLC, for Patient Payment Financing

PayDC Chiropractic EHR, and ClearGage, LLC, the leading provider of patient financial services, have partnered to provide patient financing to patients of PayDC subscriber clinics.

PayDC providers can now offer payment financing to their patients, backed by ClearGage. From within the PayDC platform, a pre‐funded plan can be initiated for the patient. The whole process from start to finish is handled right within the PayDC application. This gives a convenient tool for providers to explain to patients all the available financing options while they are right in front of them. When approved, patient payments can be viewed by the provider directly through PayDC’s patient ledger.

This new integration allows PayDC providers to get paid upfront while allowing  their patients to pay over time, enabling peace‐of‐mind for the provider, and better care for patients. Offering patient financing can help reduce bad debt, moderate accounts receivable and increase cash flow.

“Patient financing for care has been an ongoing request by providers so they can more confidently care for those in need,” commented Bob Schoen, PayDC Chief Financial Officer. He continued, “Offering an easy process through PayDC and ClearGage for our providers to offer financing for care is a win‐win for patients and PayDC subscribers.”

Contact ClearGage at 888‐850‐3241, or, or contact PayDC at 888‐306‐1257 or visit for more information.