Jul 14, 2023

ClearGage Releases New Product Updates

Discover new enhancements released this quarter and unique integrated partner opportunities.

ClearGage’s Q2 product enhancements have arrived, offering healthcare providers enhanced payment solutions and new ways to optimize financial performance, increase cash flow, and improve patient satisfaction.

Live Enhancements:

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Introducing ClearGage’s Reply Pay to Pay

We’re excited to announce the launch of our innovative feature, Reply Pay to Pay, designed to streamline patient payments for healthcare providers. With Reply Pay to Pay, patients can conveniently settle their provider bills by simply replying “PAY” via text message for Connect and QuickConnect campaigns.


New Welcome Messages

Welcome Messages, designed to optimize communication efficiency and minimize opt-outs for campaigns. With Welcome Messages, users will receive notifications via text and email when they are enrolled in a campaign, ensuring they are well-informed and engaged right from the start.


Customizable Communication Speed

Empowering you to choose the speed at which you connect with your patients: slow, medium, or fast. With our new product feature, you have the flexibility to tailor your communication approach based on the unique needs of your practice and patients.

Automated Re-enrollment

Patients are now automatically re-enrolled into Connect campaigns to deliver a seamless digital patient experience. ClearGage will automatically create a new Connect campaign for each new balance. New campaigns keep patients informed and connected to your practice.


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Introducing EMV Support with Google and Apple Pay

Integrating EMV support with Google and Apple Pay expands the range of payment options available to customers. This versatility improves customer satisfaction and loyalty while streamlining the payment process.


Now Supporting Multi-Gateway Deposits

ClearGage can now support multiple gateways for practices with more than one deposit account to direct cash flow and improve operational efficiency.


Automated Billing Support

The ClearGage billing support team has implemented an automated call platform to streamline collections on A/R plans and scale our capacity to support thousands of patients each day.

ClearGage offers configurable support based on your practice needs. From an end-to-end patient billing and collection experience to outsourcing the final attempt to collect before write-offs. 


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Explore Future Enhancements

Print or Drop-ship Patient Statements

ClearGage is launching patient statement solutions to support on-demand and scheduled patient invoicing needs.

Ensure patients who opt-out of digital communications receive statements by leveraging on-demand statements available to print or have ClearGage drop-ship direct to patient’s home address.


ClearGage Partner Spotlights:
Integrated Technology Solutions

athenahealth Marketplace

ClearGage joins athenahealth Marketplace to enhance the patient experience with integrated treatment estimations, increasing price transparency with good faith estimates.



ClearGage expands integration capabilities with DrChrono to accept “balance due” bill status, enabling a more comprehensive and efficient payment management process.