ClearGage’s suite of Industry leading products provide unparalleled features and functionality designed specifically to optimize your revenue cycle strategies.

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ClearGage’s software-as-a-service patient management products deliver an unrivaled suite of patient billing solutions. Our modular platform provides unparalleled flexibility to customize and configure the product and options that fit your practice model. Select one, some or all. You decide which combination makes sense for your practice and your patients. You can deploy our solutions to all three phases of the patient lifecycle – pre-encounter, date-of-service or post-encounter. Our patient management products are aligned to meet your objectives and drive revenue to your bottom line.



Gain valuable insight into your patients and empower your decision making to deliver a true consumer experience. The ClearView™ suite of patient analytics segments your patient population through identity verification, benefits eligibility, credit worthiness, propensity to pay and our proprietary scoring platform. With a patient’s ClearView™ profile, you can drive optimal messaging and payment options to maximize desired outcomes.


ClearCalc™ checks patient eligibility, analyzes the patient’s benefit plan and utilizes payor fee schedules to accurately calculate the patient’s out-of-pocket expense. Use on a real-time basis to handle a one-on-one patient encounter or in a batch upload to generate all estimates for future scheduled procedures. ClearCalc™ delivers industry-leading patient estimates and empowers your patients with transparent and accurate details about their portion of the healthcare bill.


Most providers lack the resources and infrastructure to interact with their patients for the effective management of self-pay receivables. Our ClearConnect™ patient engagement engine provides a sophisticated, flexible and fully customizable software-as-a-service solution to manage patient communication campaigns. Employ text, email, IVR, statements, direct mail and live agent interactions to send your patients on the prescribed communication journey that converts receivables into payments.


The ClearGage Payment Accelerator™ is a SaaS-based platform designed specifically for the healthcare industry, offering the most intelligent and comprehensive healthcare payment solutions available. Manage all your ClearGage products through our healthcare-centric, PCI/HIPAA-compliant payments and technology gateway. Centralized access to reports and dashboards puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to managing your patient’s payment experience.


ClearGage offers you the option to get paid upfront with our ClearFund™ receivables purchase program. You define the patient financing plans you want to present your patients and set your own term limits and interest rates (or offer 0% interest!). ClearGage provides the most flexible platform in the industry, allowing you to customize transparent, patient-friendly and compliant financing programs for your patients!


The HealthePayment™ patient portal delivers the full suite of ClearGage payment solutions to the patient’s computer, tablet or mobile device. Offering online bill pay, payment plans, AutoPay enrollment, patient estimate presentment and payment wallet management, your facility-branded HealthePayment™ portal empowers the patient to take a proactive approach to paying their bill. With electronic statement presentment, HealtheStatements™, you can deliver patient statements in an eco-friendly and cost effective manner.


Connect with patients on the move! With QuickPay™, you can present your patients with the option to pay from their mobile device or tablet. Send a customized text or email message with a link to our mobile friendly solution where patients are presented with the option to pay now or enroll in facility-approved payment plans. You can even collect on those balances that you don’t invoice today with our low balance QuickPay™ communication campaigns.

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Automating payments using interactive voice response (IVR) dramatically improves efficiency and lowers overall customer service costs. Provide your patients 24/7/365 access to billing information and payment options. Adding self-service IVR payments lets you expand your payment options in a cost-effective way, adding real value and high ROI.

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ClearGage’s AutoPay™ with Account on File technology allows you to safely store and use your patient’s payment account to pay for balances owed after insurance adjudication. Payment accounts are tokenized and stored in our encrypted payment vault. As balances become due, AutoPay™ automatically schedules the payment based on the preauthorized patient agreement. Patients are notified via text or email in advance to ensure funds are available. Even better, eliminate the paper statement!


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