Revolutionize your patient revenue cycle management. ClearGage provides a suite of tools and services that turn your patient billing and collection process into a true consumer experience. Consumers expect and want timely, transparent and flexible options in their bill payment process. ClearGage’s patient financing services can help you meet that need. Whether you want one of our solutions or you want them all, ClearGage can customize a solutions package tailored to your individual practice needs. Increase collection rates, collect sooner and provide your patients with an experience they have come to expect.


ClearGage’s suite of Industry leading products provide unparalleled features and functionality designed specifically to optimize your revenue cycle strategies.

ClearGage provider products mobile and desktop versions

ClearCalc™ • HealtheStatements™ • QuickPay™
AutoPay™ • ClearVoice™

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of American adults could
not cover an emergency
expense of $400.

ClearGage tells 47% of Americans can't cover an emergency expense of $400



of Americans experience
month-to-month income
swings of more than 30%

ClearGage reveals Americans experience income swings of 30%



of patients cited a lack of
financing options from their providers
as to why they did not pay.

ClearGage studied 37% of patients lack of financial options from their providers


Americans will lose
health coverage if the
AHCA is passed into law.

ClearGage studied 24M Americans will lose health coverage if AHCA is passed into law


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