Knowing your customer is fundamental to the financial success of your organization. Data mining, cash flow prediction, patient collections analytics, and credit rating solutions provide valuable insight and understanding about your customer including how and when to properly engage them and predicting their propensity toward specific behaviors (such as likelihood of opening an email, answering a phone call or paying a bill). The most successful organizations know and understand the preferences and dynamics of their customer before they walk in the door or visit a website. Healthcare is no different. Let ClearGage show you the 360-degree view of your patient.

ClearGage proprietary scoring system will predict how much your patient will pay. Patient analytics and collection analytics at your fingertips.

Scoring System

Utilizing public record sources, alternative credit data and our own historical data surrounding patient payment behavior, we predict how your patients will pay.

ClearGage identy verification fingerprint


Evaluate and verify patient identity by analyzing Name, Address, Social Security Number, Date of Birth and Driver’s License.

ClearGage measure patient's health plan eligibility


Evaluate a patient’s health plan eligibility with access to 1000+ Payors. Process in batch or real-time through a consolidated user interface.

ClearGage segment your patient population to improve communications strategy


Segment your patient population based on their balance owed and patient demographics to fine tune your communication strategy. Take a deeper dive based propensity to pay and credit worthiness.


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