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Most providers do not have the infrastructure to effectively and consistently interact with patients as individuals. They often lack the insight, patient engagement systems or resources necessary for effective communications that lead to optimal financial outcomes. What you say, when you say it, how frequently you say it and how it’s delivered can be customized, targeted and automated based on the individual patient. Customized messaging can help improve patient financial engagement making them more likely to pay and improve their satisfaction.

ClearGage automated patient engagement journey

Engagement Journeys

Automate your patient engagement and deliver precision messaging with exact timing at every patient touchpoint along their journey.

ClearGage Omni channel patient communications


“Every which way” including text, email, IVR, statement, direct mail and live agent, because patients want to hear from you, their way.

ClearGage patient surveys


Ensure your services, solutions and outcomes are exceeding your patients’ expectations.


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