Patient Engagement

Build a stronger practice and nurture patient relationships with a smart, innovative patient engagement platform. The system is strategically designed to nurture relationships at critical touchpoints throughout the patient journey.

  • Increase cash flow and deliver an engaging patient experience.
  • Reduce billing calls with a simplified system featuring greater transparency.
  • Minimize patient frustration and build greater engagement by streamlining communication methods.
  • Put your patients’ payment plans on autopilot and free up staff to focus on other important tasks.

Communicate Digitally

Connect with patients using their preferred communication type, whether it’s text, email, interactive voice response or speaking with a live agent.


Automate Patient Engagement

Stay connected to patients by delivering specific messages at critical touchpoints along the patient journey.


Speed Up Cash Flow

Increase practice revenue and accelerate cash flow while keeping patients engaged and satisfied with your practice.

Tools That Drive Growth and Sustainability

Enhance the patient engagement experience with tools designed to simplify the payment process and improve cash flow.


Securely store in our PCI compliant payment vault your patients’ payment information and with their consent use to automate and collect future payments.


Automate patient payments by using interactive voice response.


Connect on-the-go and get paid faster by allowing patients to pay their bills from their smartphone or tablet.


Allow patients to make payments when convenient through a fully customizable practice branded portal.

Reduce Billing Questions and Increase Staff Efficiency

ClearGage is designed to significantly reduce billing questions and calls by enhancing the engagement experience. Provide patients with transparency into their bills to streamline productivity and efficiency.

“ClearGage makes it easy to track our patient accounts, and with our combined diligence, we have seen a decrease in delinquent accounts. Additionally, and most importantly, we have experienced an increase in the eligibility of our clients to be funded. We look forward to many more profitable years with ClearGage!”

Alice Wunderlin


“We implemented ClearGage into our practice and have seen a dramatic increase in the number of clients we could accept into our practice. No longer do we have people walking out the door due to not being able to afford our services.  Because of ClearGage, we are now able to change more lives!”

Functional Nutrition Resources

“Our office started using ClearGage in 2018 and it was one of the best decisions that we made. Our patients are happy with the affordable financing options and the flexible month payments. We love the staff and the rapid response we get when we call customer support.”

Gina Richards

Linkston T Cryer DDS