Patient Estimation

Empower patients to understand their financial responsibility with accurate, upfront cost estimates. Estimates designed for greater visibility allow patients to fully understand their responsibility and enroll in a practice-approved payment plan before service is rendered.

  • Help patients more clearly understand their patient responsibility upfront.
  • Calculate out-of-pocket costs using data from patients’ benefit plans.
  • Empower your staff to ask for payments with credible and accurate cost estimates.
  • Increase payment at the time of service.

Accurate Patient Cost Estimates

ClearGage’s Patient Estimation Solution enables you to provide an accurate assessment of your patients’ out-of-pocket expenses before the appointment.


Real-Time Data

Leverage real-time data based on the patients’ specific benefit plan and payer fee schedule to then provide your patients with flexible payment options.


Transparent Process

Transparent and accurate billing details empower patients with the information they need to make better decisions about paying for care.

Deliver Greater Transparency With Accurate Cost Estimation

Give your patients an accurate estimate of out-of-pocket costs before the point of service. Increase visibility into their anticipated patient responsibility and allow patients to start making affordable payments immediately.


Calculate your patients’ out-of-pocket expenses with greater accuracy for a more transparent experience.

Customized Healthcare Payment Solutions

ClearGage allows practices to start talking with patients about financial responsibility early in the process. This will help simplify and streamline the revenue cycle to improve your bottom line.

“ClearGage makes it easy to track our patient accounts, and with our combined diligence, we have seen a decrease in delinquent accounts. Additionally, and most importantly, we have experienced an increase in the eligibility of our clients to be funded. We look forward to many more profitable years with ClearGage!”

Alice Wunderlin


“We implemented ClearGage into our practice and have seen a dramatic increase in the number of clients we could accept into our practice. No longer do we have people walking out the door due to not being able to afford our services.  Because of ClearGage, we are now able to change more lives!”

Functional Nutrition Resources

“Our office started using ClearGage in 2018 and it was one of the best decisions that we made. Our patients are happy with the affordable financing options and the flexible month payments. We love the staff and the rapid response we get when we call customer support.”

Gina Richards

Linkston T Cryer DDS