ClearGage offers healthcare providers the ability to present customized healthcare financing options to their patients. Our proprietary technology and financial services address the realities of the new healthcare paradigm. Simply put, we treat patients as “consumers.” Leverage the flexibility of our technology to determine the healthcare financing terms optimal for your practice and your patients. Our patient financing options and customized workflows improve adoption at every patient touchpoint, increase patient satisfaction, ensure compliance and drive ROI to your bottom line.

ClearGage pre-encounter accurant plan


Provide transparent and accurate patient estimates before services are rendered and discuss financial options up front. Enroll patients in facility approved payments plans.

ClearGage point of service fits patient's budget


Build out treatment plans and address outstanding balances at the point of service. Increase case acceptance rates with payment plan options that fit within your patient’s budget.

ClearGage post-encounter to drive enrollment in payment plans


Address patient balances that require financing. Leverage omni channel communication to drive enrollment in payment plans.


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