Our platform is built on the same principles used by the leading financial services firms. We leverage the learnings from the consumer finance industry and our experience with healthcare payments to target personalized patient payment solutions directly to consumers. We do this through our proprietary data mining, cashflow prediction and credit rating tools that offer patients customized payment plans using targeted communication tools and payment mechanisms. How patients pay or react to our communication campaigns are continually measured and systemically adjusted based on consumer responses. We will even recommend changes to the types of payment plans, discounts, down payments, interest rates, etc., that are being offered to optimize patient adoption.

Patient Engagement Portal

Campaign Engagement Dashboards

Real-time access to engagement campaign journeys and outcome KPI’s, all in one place. See what is working and what is not, all the way down to the message level.

Patient Portal

Patient Surveys

Message content and outcome benchmarking is maximized.

Patient Portal & Patient Intelligence

Machine Learning/Intelligent Optimizations

Our system will automatically adjust the communication content, sequence, frequency and channel based on the responsiveness and outcomes achieved.


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