Oct 03, 2019

Doctible and ClearGage Announce Technology Integration

Tampa, FL (October 3, 2019) – Doctible, a healthcare communication and retention SaaS platform, and ClearGage LLC, a leading provider of patient payment technology and financial services, have established a partnership to provide Doctible clients with a suite of patient payment solutions.

“We have been seeing an increased need from our customer base on offering payment solutions, so we are very thrilled to partner with ClearGage to offer a solution that is specifically catered to private practices” says Ajit Viswanathan, CEO of Doctible. “Practices are having to take a bigger share of the burden of collecting from patients and without an easy way to operationalize this workflow, they tend to spend a lot of hours and lost revenue from the inability to collect. Through the Doctible-ClearGage product, this effort now becomes a matter of couple of clicks and patients really appreciate the ability to see their balance and pay it over the phone with the flexibility of payment plans. This will revolutionize the practice workflow and help practices to focus more time on the thing they do best: patient care” added Viswanathan.

Doctible clients will gain access to multiple features offered through ClearGage’s PaymentAccelerator platform including mobile payment notifications, prefunding, and recurring payment plans. By utilizing these features, practices can streamline the patient collection process and offer different methods for patients to pay for care and receive better visibility around payments due.

“We are very excited to partner with Doctible and offer our mobile payments platform to their clients.” Says Chip Hunziker, CEO of ClearGage. “Patients overwhelmingly appreciate the convenience of paying their bill with just a few clicks from their mobile device. Doctible clients can save thousands of dollars per year by leveraging text and email versus the cost of paper statements and postage. Providers will see an immediate reduction and their days sales outstanding and can expect to see payments within minutes of launching a payments campaign instead of waiting weeks and months when compared to paper statements” added Hunziker.

About Doctible

Doctible helps private practices retain their most loyal patients while keeping their calendar full. Our technology suite empowers healthcare practitioners and consumers to interact more transparently and efficiently through online and mobile channels. With thousands of practices across the nation now using our technology, we have powered 20+ million patient interactions and have become the technology assist for a practice to help them be more efficient. For more information, please contact press@doctible.com or call 1-800-380-6071.

About ClearGage

ClearGage is a consumer-centric healthcare payments technology and financial services company providing payment processing solutions to the healthcare community. Our sole purpose is to enhance the consumer’s quality of life by providing flexible and ethical payment solutions that enable them to receive and pay for the products or services they need or want. To learn more about ClearGage, please visit www.cleargage.com, contact us at 888-227-5932 ext. 2, or email info@cleargage.com.